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The following answers apply to all deals, unless specifically contradicted in the Fine Print.

What is being offered for sale?
What is being offered for sale is a Maltastic credit coupon (Maltastic voucher) equivalent to a product or service as described in the deal – provided the deal is still available.

How many Maltastic vouchers are available for any deal?
Each deal for Maltastic has a fixed "capacity" limit which the relevant business partner has agreed that Maltastic may offer for sale. We do not disclose this figure, which is commercially sensitive.

What does a countdown clock on a deal mean?
As we say above, each deal for Maltastic Vouchers has a fixed "capacity" limit which the relevant business has agreed that Maltastic may offer for sale. A clock counting down indicates the length of time the deal will run, provided that the capacity limit has not been reached. (If that capacity limit is ever reached during the time the deal is showing, then that deal will end prior to the expiry of the time.)

Do I need to mention Maltastic when booking?
Yes. Please always mention Maltastic when booking.

How do I print a PDF voucher?
To download your Maltastic voucher in PDF format please follow the steps below, which apply for any Maltastic voucher you purchase:

1) Log on to

2) Click on the login button at the upper right hand corner of the black "bar" across the top of each page

3) Enter your username (the email address registered with us) and your password

4) Once logged in, please click on the "My Orders" section of "My Account"

5) Use the "Your Maltastic voucher" icon below the relevant voucher to download and print

Can I give this Maltastic voucher as a gift?
Yes, if your name is on the Maltastic voucher you are giving it does not matter. As long as the reference number hasn"t been used yet, anyone you give the Maltastic voucher to will not encounter any difficulty in redeeming the Maltastic voucher.

The Fine Print says "Limit 1 per person. May buy multiple as gifts." Can I buy myself some Maltastic vouchers as gifts to myself and use more than one for myself?
No. If the Fine Print states "Limit 1 per person", you can only purchase and redeem the Maltastic voucher once for yourself. If you buy more than one then you have to give them away as gifts to other people – all being different people.

The Fine Print on a restaurant Maltastic voucher says "Limit 3 per table". What does this mean?
Only 3 Maltastic voucher holders are allowed to dine together in one visit, i.e. if you and two friends buy the same Maltastic voucher, you can go together.

How much should I tip when I redeem my Maltastic voucher?
If you want to tip (which is, of course to your discretion), then do tip on the full amount of the pre-discounted bill (and they usually tip generously!). That is why we have the best customers out there and our partners look forward to hosting our customers.

Do deals ever run more than once?
Sometimes we do. If a deal is successful and more vouchers are approved for sale by agreement with the featured partner, it may run on the website for a further limited time.

The Fine Print states "classes subject to availability and demand". What does this mean?
The availability of classes listed by the merchant cannot always be guaranteed as this often depends on demand and how other customers book. If a class gets over-saturated then it becomes unavailable. Likewise, if a class is not popular enough, the merchant may decide to remove it from the schedule altogether. This means that classes you book may be subject to a final confirmation from a merchant.



Recommend us and you will earn coupons which are redeemable on any purchases via maltastic

Do you want to surprise your friends with unbeatable deals whilst earning fast money at the same time?

We will reward you for every new customer you bring our way (see details below).

Why should I recommend a friend?

We all love a great deal, but some offers are just irresistible and too good to just keep to ourselves. And because you know your friends better than we do, we think it makes sense for you to forward the amazing deals to those who you reckon appreciate most. Not only will they be grateful for that but Maltastic we will too and we will reward you handsomely, with Maltastic coupons every time you recommend someone buy their first deal through your recommendation.

How can I recommend a friend to Maltastic?

There are various opportunities how to recommend a friend to Maltastic. On every deal, you can find a link which you can click on to send invitations to friends using Twitter, Facebook or Email. On your Personal Recommendation Page you can find your personal reference link, which you can post anywhere on the internet to urge people to sign up. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw coupons in the eventuality of abuse of this function. Should the abuse persist, we reserve the right to disable your account completely.

I haven’t received my reward coupon yet!

Your friend would have to first create an account and purchase the first deal within 72 hours of the referral. Your reward will appear as "delayed": if after seven days the deal your friend bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn and your friend’s payment was successfully processed, we will credit your account with a € 3.- credit coupon, and your next purchased deal will be discounted by € 3.- !

How long is the credit valid for?

Maltastic credit is valid for 3 months.

How can I redeem my credit?

You can utilize your credit on any deal with maltastic and you can redeem it on the payment section. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the deal because you have been recommending us to many of your friends, then the balance can be redeemed on your next deal, unless it has expired. So please ensure that you have ticked the box to use your credit when you checkout.

Does this apply to all deals?

Yes, reward coupons are valid for all deals, with the exception of free deals

Shopping on Maltastic with Credit Cards:

Some credit cards adopt a 3d secure system when used to do your online shoppingDifferent banks have different ways how to handle the 3D secure process.
One option is for the bank to send a SecureCode to the user’s mobile phone in which case you will then be required to insert this secureCode in the payment process to complete the transaction.
This means you will receive as an SMS on your mobile and unless you insert this secure code,your payment will not go through hence you will be unable to purchase the deal.

Other banks may require a password which is predefined by the user or cardholder.